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Background Edit

Bombenhagel is available exclusively on Madtronix Multicarts which was first available in 2014 and was programmed with an extremely short deadline so the multicarts could be produced by a certain time. It was also Der Luch's first completed game.

Gameplay Edit

The player controls a gun turret defending a city from a barrage of missiles. The player must destroy the missiles before they impact the city. The bombs are extremely potent and even a single bomb will completely destroy the city and cause the game to end.

Controls Edit

Main Menu

  • Start game-button one
  • View credits-button two
  • View list of Vectrex-related links-button three


  • Move cursor around screen-joystick or D-pad
  • Fire-button four

Scoring Edit

  • Destroy Bomb-1 point

Trivia Edit

  • Bombenhagel was programmed in two days.
  • Bombenhagel's graphics are inspired by old Tiger Electronics LCD games.
  • Bombenhagel was Der Luch's first completed game. Previously he had only ever programmed music for the Vectrex.
  • Der Luchs states that Bombenhagel means "Hail of Bombs".

Links Edit

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