Hyperchase Complete

Developer GCE
Publisher GCE
Release Date 1982
Genres Sports
Modes Single player
1-2 players alternating
Media Cartridge
ROM file

Gameplay Edit

The player controls a formula one race car whose objective is to advance through the rankings and either make the best time or accumulate as many points as possible depending on the game selected.

In Game 1, the player has unlimited cars and their goal is to finish the course in as little time as possible. In Game 2, the player receives 5 cars and the goal is to accumulate as many points as possible.

In both games, collision with either the edge of the track or other cars results in the loss of a life and the player is forced to start from a speed of zero.

Controls Edit

Main Menu

  • Choose between one of two players-button one
  • Choose game 1 or game 2-button two
  • Start game-button four


  • Control position of the car on the track-joystick or D-pad
  • Up-shift-button one
  • Down-shift-button two
  • Brake-button three
  • Accelerate-button four

Scoring Edit

  • In Game 1, the score is the amount of time in seconds it takes to complete the entire course.
  • In Game 2, points are earned for the miles the player travels, as well as speed.

Trivia Edit

  • Hyperchase is one of the initial 12 games released worldwide for the Vectrex.
  • While there were only two racing games originally released for the Vectrex, Hyperchase preceded Pole Position by a couple of months.
  • Hyperchase is one of only two original games which utilized the analog control capabilities of the Vectrex. The other is game two of Star Hawk.

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