Gameplay Edit

The player controls a submarine in hostile waters and must rescue the survivors of a mission which ended in disaster. Enemy submarines surround and will fire upon the player's ship if it enters sonar range. Each enemy submarine can fire up to five torpedoes; however, if it is destroyed before it uses all of their torpedoes, the remainder will be added to the player's arsenal. Other obstacles which must be avoided are mines, ice chunks and turbulent underwater whirlwinds. Once the survivors are located, it is necessary to dock with their pod, which the player has to approach with accuracy and care. A new mission will begin with a successful rescue.

Controls Edit

Main Menu Edit

  • Select between 1 or 2 players-button 1
  • Select level of difficulty-button 2
  • Begin game-button 4

In-game Edit

  • Surface-up on joystick or D-pad
  • Dive-down on joystick or D-pad
  • Rotate left or right-left or right on joystick or D-pad
  • Pause-button 1
  • Reverse thrust-button 2
  • Forward thrust-button 3
  • Fire torpedo-button 4

Damage Edit

As the player's ship is damaged by torpedoes, mines, or comes in contact with ice chunks or other submarines, the player's submarine will lose operation of its capabilities.

Damage points Edit

  • 0-10-No damage
  • 10-19-Loss of upper left torpedo tube
  • 20-29-Loss of upper right torpedo tube
  • 30-39-Loss of lower left torpedo tube
  • 40 or more damage points makes it impossible to dock with survivor pod
  • 40-49-Loss of lower right torpedo tube
  • 50-59-Loss of survivor pod's arrow on sonar
  • 60-69-Loss of sonar display
  • 70-79-Loss of control of speed
  • 80-89-Loss of engines/dead in the water
  • 90-99-Loss of submarine

Damage is repaired over time and functions are restored as long as the player's submarine isn't destroyed.

Scoring Edit

  • Dock with survivor pod-5000 points
  • Destroy enemy sub-1000 points
  • Destroy enemy torpedo-750 points
  • Destroy a mine-500 points
  • Destroy an ice chunk-275 points

Trivia Edit

  • Polar Rescue was released only under the GCE brand, not in countries which used the Milton Bradley or Bandai brands.

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