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Welcome to Vectrex WikiEdit

Welcome to the Vectrex wiki! A place for all Vectrexians to gather to discuss the best -- and only -- vector gaming system ever made!


Forget the pixels and the pre-rendered backgrounds, this is a lines-only zone! (Not counting a few of the bitmapped homebrew games, of course!)

So far, there are 213 non-raster articles online since November 2, 2010.

New contentEdit

  • 4/15 A new poll was added as to how you display your Vectrex.
  • 3/31 Finally, the trilogy is complete: the final level walkthrough of Gravitrex has been added to the Gravitrex Plus page! So if you need help with that, check out the strategy guide under Links on that page for detailed instructions and many photos!
  • ***3/29 news*** Wow, a big update! (But then, we meant to have this out like a month and a half ago, but we were having computer problems!) In this news edition, you can read about some big Vectrex sales (including a rare bubble stand), videos, a huge amount of games that are currently being worked on, new pages and more!
  • 3/17 A poll was added in regards to how you rank yourself as a Vectrex collector.
  • 1/13/2014 At last! A strategy guide was added to Gravitrex a while back (along with its other two included games), but it was for only the first level. Well, level 2 was finally added, along with over a dozen photos and plenty of detailed instructions! So head on over to the Gravitrex Plus page and click on the strategy guide tabber under Links if you need some help with the game!

Featured article

Vaboom!/Vectrace was a bit of a different homebrew game. Why was that? True, Vaboom! was a clone of Kaboom! (released on many home consoles and computers back in the 1980s), where the player had to catch a bunch of bombs dropped by a "mad Bomber". However, the game also had the addition of items that could take away or restore the player's number of paddles, along with an extra bonus round included as well.

And Vectrace was -- and still is to this day -- one of only a small handful of racing games for the Vectrex, where the player had a certain amount of time to dodge a certain amount of cars in order to advance to the next round.

All of this can be read about here.

Submitting a new articleEdit

It can be confusing to new users to wikis in regards to submitting new pages, but it's fairly simple for creating new pages for the most part. Most situations for submitting new material to this wiki in particular will usually include:

1. In order to create a write-up about a game or programmer that does not have a page yet, users can click on either the list of Vectrex games or the list of Vectrex personnel pages, click on the corresponding name, and that will take you to the entry's new page for you to create.

2. If there is no page to one of the above, edit one of the lists, add the game or personnel name (just make sure to encase them in double brackets so a page will appear when it is clicked on), Publish it, then click on the entry.

3. Do a Search (at left if you're using the MonoBook skin, at top right if using the New Wikia skin) for the subject you wish to create an article on, which it will read "<Create the page "_____" on this wiki!>", which will be in red. Click on the red area, which you will be taken to a new page and start typing to your heart's content.

4. If passing along your story in regards to getting your Vectrex (and/or your experience with the machine), perform step #3, then type in "Vectrex Stories: _____" (your user name or what you'd like to be identified as) to start that up.

If there are any questions, either leave them on this discussion page or this wiki's founder's page. There's also the How to write an article page to read up on formatting for this wiki in particular, and the backup wiki to dump a copy of whatever article(s) you write (or you can ask the above admin to do it for you, although you will not get a credit for it in your history if you have an account) is here. Articles have a 60 day time period to be copied onto the backup wiki until the founder puts a copy there himself.

Thanks, and good luck with writing and editing!

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