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I am trapped between
Two shooting turrets
Helicopters and a plane overhead
Yeah, my life sucks
And my military "career"
Is also pretty much over

Soldier a la flambe


It’s “Tempest in reverse!”
Whoa, the levels are rotating
It’s making me sick
Any more of this
And my lunch will also do a “reverse”


Otto makes a silly sound this time around
Doesn’t seem real “evil” now, does he?

City BomberEdit

So you blow up
Abandoned cities
No one’s home
Not even any
Door-to-door salesmen
So what’s my motivation?

Clean SweepEdit

I suck, I suck, I suck,
I suck, I suck, I suck.
Because I'm a vacuum!
What were YOU thinking? (Pervert)


According to this game
Hell means you either
Solve puzzles
Or have things attach onto you
Gee, tough choice

Cosmic ChasmEdit

It's just me and my bomb
Which I innocently plant
And as I make my way out of here
They will regret the day
Their security didn't frisk me

Fortress of NarzodEdit

You can’t always shoot things
Because your shots bounce around
Like a ping-pong ball
Guess the fort had you
Sign a waiver


So, your magic teleporter
Can suck up humans, entire fuel tanks
Into your ship
Without any ill effects
That’s really weird...

I, CyborgEdit

Who the hell would allow
Inmates to keep their weapons?
Bunch of morons...

Marine FoxEdit

I try to gather these sea crystals
But these sharks are ruthless
Makes you wonder why the hell
They're so defensive over
Materialistic crap

But then, they are pretty shiny!

Mine StormEdit

I’m clearing Mine Fields
I’m clearing many points
The game’s over!
Damn level 13 bug

Mine Storm 2Edit

My daughter and I
Computer games back to back
Mine Storm and Minecraft

--Xefned (talk) 00:00, January 3, 2014 (UTC)

Moon LanderEdit

You constantly land on moons
Just to barely recap your fuel
Then do it all over again
Who the hell designed this ship?


So you defend helpless humans
In a very bad neighborhood
I’d say it’s time to move

Royal 21Edit

So these cards
Magically float into stacks
I wish I could do that
With peoples' money
From their wallets (heh heh)


So you shoot fuel tanks
Which refills your fuel (somehow)
Yeah, that makes sense

Space FrenzyEdit

So here you’re mocked
By an alien
Wanting “amusement”
From a black and white tv
Yeah, he’s real “advanced”

Space WarsEdit

I can blow up
An entire space ship
But not an oversized rock
What a pain in the asteroid


“Eek. Help. Spike!”
Oh no, Molly can’t read
A cue card worth a damn
But with those false eyelashes
And short skirt
I think we all know
How she got that job (cough)

Star Trek: The Motion PictureEdit

I don’t remember
Klingon or Romulan battles
From the movie
Oh well, it’s a license


Where’s the “dance”
When you just blow up stuff?

Especially since
We must help our planet
Yet I destroy sun after sun
After sun after sun

Way to piss off the hippies
For my encore, I'll
Eat a meat lover's pizza
And club some seals


It’s a good thing this game
Is about an evil empire,
Planets and pods
Or else it might sound
Kinda obscene


So you control a frog
In a bad neighborhood
Time to move
Or become frog’s legs


A madman drops bombs
I’m supposed to catch them
Or else I’ll die
Who’s idea was this, again?


You crack up your car
And you get another one
And another one, and another one
The insurance company
Must be burning money

Vec Sports BoxingEdit

Stick vector bodies
But with gigantic heads
That must be due to their
Massive amounts of intelligence
(Yeah, right)

Web WarsEdit

I fly through these gigantic webs
Collecting all these creatures
Put them in a Trophy Room
What a disgusting hobby


I don’t know what a “Zantis” is
But I don’t need an excuse
To kill spiders

And if I don't kill them
Then their electric bill will


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